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Biography of David Kaplan, Online Marketer

David Kaplan is a Google Qualfied Adwords ProfessionalA pioneer in marketing and site design on the World Wide Web, David Kaplan worked in the 1980's as a programmer, creating reports for the Sales & Marketing divisions of various corporations. In the mid 1990's he began creating and developing Web sites and quickly developed a reputation for creating exciting content using cutting edge technology, always keeping usability at the forefront. David is a Certified Usability Analyst™.

David joined CLTV (ChicagoLand TV News) at their inception in the early 1990's. As MIS Manager, he was in charge of all computers, from desktops to IBM mini computers (AS/400), networking (Token Ring and Microsoft LAN Manager). He also collaborated on the integration between computers and the control room.

David worked with Chicago Online, a joint venture between America Online and the Chicago Tribune where he focused on designing new content and making it user-friendly. The chat rooms he created were so popular that they were in use 24/7, resulting in dramatically increased revenue.

Later, David joined, the #1 sports portal on the internet, in the days when it was a small site with no free content. During his tenure, it became a full-scale site and was eventually acquired by CBS and renamed David helped guide corporate strategy and development from a techno/marketing perspective from giving advice on naming directories (for SEO optimization and ease of browsing) to site design and usability. David also managed special sites for SportsLine, and created the official websites of Shaq, The WPVA (Women's Professional Volleyball Association), The Nuveen Senior Tennis Tour, The US Ski Team and many others.

David was assigned by to assist in the startup of a new division of, called in England. He helped grow this new division into a well designed site, and eventually a top sports portal in Europe. David managed the creation of the new (at that time) official website of NFL Europe. David was then asked to manage the creation of a gaming site, where he was in full charge of all technical aspects of this site.

His contributions included selecting a software provider, purchasing hardware and hosting, ensuring that a disaster recovery plan was in place and of course secure from hackers. David also selected a hosting facility that offered full redundancy, from power to bandwidth, and supervised the installation of all the hardware and software. The gaming division was the most profitable division of and was sold in 2000.

David then became a freelance consultant and dedicated his efforts to helping companies with all their internet needs, including SEO, website creation, e-commerce and SEM. He also used his technical knowledge to help set up networks and data centers (from PBX to application, database and web servers).

David was then recruited by Kenneth Dotson, Chief Marketing Officer for TicketsNow and assigned the mission to "Get it done". David helped the TicketsNow IT department prioritize dozens of projects and eventually the job did get done. One of David's first projects was to give the site a facelift. He worked with graphic artists to come up with a new look and feel that imparted brand confidence.

Shortly thereafter David took a leadership role in a major site redesign by helping the developers and consultants prioritize their tasks. He played a key role in enabling the new site to launch on schedule. David worked on usability issues, making the site more user friendly and efficient and also directed the SEO efforts for TicketsNow.

In closing, David stays abreast of all the latest trends and technologies in Usability, SEO and Social Media. He recently attended the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

David Kaplan is a Certified Usability Analyst™ and is a member of the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association.

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