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David Kaplan is a Google Qualfied Adwords ProfessionalDavid Kaplan
David Kaplan is an expert in Internet Marketing and has consulted or worked for the top companies in their verticals, including Discover Bank,, TicketsNow, Peapod and the Chicago Tribune Company. David provides acquisition services using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), retargeting, behavioral targeting and display advertising,. Please click here to send an email to David Kaplan to find out how you can improve the ROI of your online marketing program.

Other components of Search Engine Marketing include content networks, affiliate marketing and of course e-mail marketing and of course analytics. Without analytics you won't know exactly what's working and what's not.. Click here to send an email to David Kaplan to find out how to use analytics to improve your marketing efforts.

Let's not forget social marketing. This includes sites like Twitter, Facebook and blog's. Blogs are great. If you post something of value to 10 blogs it's quite possible that 20 or more will pick up the posting. This has great value from an SEO point of view and can also drive very low-funnel (e.g. high converting) traffic to your site.

YouTube is huge. Learn how to promote your product or service on YouTube and how it can benefit your overall marketing efforts.

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You Tube - Visit David Kaplan's You Tube page. - Kiva is a great organization. Visit David Kaplan's Kiva page.

Phone - You can reach David Kaplan by phone. His number is +1 650.200.DROL (3765) or by clicking below:

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Search Engine Optimization - Visit, David Kaplan's SEO site.


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