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Retargeting Visitors, by David Kaplan                                                                                   Bookmark and Share

Regargeting visitors is a great way to get visitors to get your brand seen by your potential customers.

How does retargeting work and what does it mean? Let's say you get a visitor to your site. Doesn't matter what you did to get them (e.g. Paid Search or SEO). They came to your site, but then they left without converting (e.g. making a purchase).

Will they ever come back? Unless you are or Ebay, it's possible they won't. Retargeting works by displaying an ad for your company on other sites, such as news sites or content sites.

This is done by using cookies. When a visitor comes to your site they are cookied by the company providing the retargeting. Then when the customer visits other sites your ad will display on pages they visit.

They will hopefully recognize your logo, brand or value proposition and click on the ad. There are some serious benefits to retargeting. Contact me for more information.

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