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David Kaplan's Vision

Since the 1990's, David has been building sites that are effortless to use and allow customers to immediately accomplish what they set out to do. He believes in designing sites that have a low VIMM (Visual, Intellectual, Memory and Motor) load. In English this means sites that are easy to use.

He advocates a natural flow in the processes of the site, for example: "if your customer is purchasing a product and has forgotten their password, make it simple for the password to be retrieved and allow the user to continue without having to re-enter any data or view redundant pages".

David also believes in the KISS (keep it simple ...) rule. "Don't use fancy graphics where familiar ones will do the job. Avoid complicated words and jargon. Over 9% of all males are color blind so try to design sites that work for everybody. Make sure those sites work on the top browsers, including Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater, Safari and Firefox. Try to make your site as accessible as possible. Avoid typos which can really damage your credibility."

David is constantly refining his site-building skills and stays abreast of all the latest trends and technologies by attending such symposiums as the recent Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and Search Engine Strategies in Chicago.

David is a Certified Usability Analyst™, a member of the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association.

David is an SEO Consultant. He previously directed the efforts of the TicketsNow SEO department (and many other companies) and is an expert in PPC/SEM (e.g. Google AdWords & AdSense, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing). David also has extensive experience in email and affiliate marketing (e.g. private label and links).

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