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David Kaplan has worked for the top companies in their categories, including, and TicketsNow. His knowledge of usability and product development has helped these sites evolve into the great sites that they are.

Some simple, but often overlooked, rules are:

  • Consistent Navigation. It makes it easier for a customer to navigate your site if the links are always in the same place.

  • Check for bad links. It really looks bad when your site has bad links. We like Xenu. It's a fast link checker, and it's free.

  • Check for typos. Most web editors have a built-in spell checker. Even Google's toolbar has a spell check option. Use it!

  • QA testing. Make sure that every part of your site works. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to place an order and when you click on the "place order " button you get an error message.

  • Always put a "Home Page" link in your navigation. Not everybody knows that if they click on your logo they'll be taken back to your home page. Also, if possible, put the word "Page" in the link. Not everybody knows that "Home" means Home Page.

David stays abreast of all the latest trends and technologies. He recently attended the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

David is a Certified Usability Analyst™, a member of the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association and is currently studying Cognitive Psychology and Engineering Psychology in Human Performance, as they relate to usability.

You can contact David Kaplan by clicking the link.



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