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SEO Services, by David Kaplan

David Kaplan is an expert in Search Engine Marketing and has provided SEO Services since the days when Altavista owned the internet search engine market. He started long before it was the industry it is today. A lot has changed since those days when people used invisible text to help increase SEO positioning. These days it requires a lot more effort (Blogs, original content, linking strategy, social media and much more), but it's worth it because you can save a lot of money in marketing expense if you have a site that ranks well in Google, MSN & Yahoo. David Kaplan is available to help your firm increase revenue from SEO. You click the link to contact David Kaplan for more information.

You should understand that a lot has changed since the days when getting hits was considered a good thing. These days we are more aware of things like conversion and cost per acquisition (yes, good SEO rankings do come at a cost) and how important they are to any search engine marketing program. You can contact David Kaplan for more information.

Please note that SEO is only part of an online marketing strategy. An important part to be sure, but only part of your overall strategy. Display advertising, Paid Search, PR (press releases), blogs and social media comprise other facets. We are expert in all these components of online marketing.

These are some basics of SEO:

  • Know which keywords you should target and where you are currently ranked (so you can track improvement). Target keywords that are revenue generators. Don't try to rank for position #1 for every search phrase you can think of. Try to win battles and you'll win the war.
  • Make sure your pages are SEO friendly. This means they should have relevant content and follow SEO best practices.
  • Have a linking strategy (internal and external links). This requires time, effort and expense, but it's a great way to improve your ranking on search engines
  • Use landing pages. In other words, send people to the page most relevant to their search and make it easy for the customer to get what they searched for.
  • Never us "click here" as your link (anchor text). Use something a prospective customer might search for.
    • Good Example: Please visit our SEO Services page for more information.
    • Bad Example: Please click here to visit our SEO Services page.

David Kaplan can help you with your online marketing, utilizing the following online marketing resources:


Please contact David Kaplan for more information.



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